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The Hellenic Agricultural Organisation “DEMETER” (ELGO-DEMETER) is the national body responsible for agricultural research and technology in Greece, sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture. ELGO-DEMETER with its 300 Research scientists spread in its Research Institutes and Stations throughout Greece is also in charge of research for technological improvement and development in agricultural, forest, and fish production, it is also concerned with topics of veterinary, management of marine resources, soil science, land reclamation, processing and preservation of agricultural products, a.o.

The SOIL SCIENCE INSTITUTE OF ATHENS (SSIA) is integrated into ELGO-DEMETER and includes a specialized scientific staff of significant research capacity with modern laboratory and field infrastructure. The SSIA research team has great experience in coordinating of and participating in EU projects (INCO-DEV, LIFE, FP5, FP6, FP7) and has involved in projects related to soil surveying, reclamation of saline and alkaline soils and soil analysis for fertilizing recommendations.

Research Areas

  1. Pedology, soil mapping and classification, land evaluation
  2. Pollution and remediation of soils and ecosystems
  3. Soil DBASES and GIS Applications
  4. Soil and land degradation (erosion, organic matter decline, saltification, decline of biodiversity
  5. Irrigation needs of crops
  6. Soil fertility, crop fertilization, plant nutrition, soil biology
  7. Management of solid wastes, sewage sludge, biological processes

Services to farmers, cooperatives and individuals

  1. Soil analyses for crop fertilization needs
  2. Plant tissues analysis (nutritional surveys)
  3. Analysis of irrigation water
  4. Integrated studies on cultivation and agricultural wastes management issues.

The chemical laboratory of SSIA is well equipped and accredited according to ISO 17025.